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Collegiate Colors | College No Tie Shoelaces

Your College Colors Are Important. Also Important is Matching Correctly.

 The U-Lace College no tie shoelaces are a collection of limited edition multicolor laces that will compliment your college or university attire. It’s school pride with your sneakers.

 This range offers 26+ college colors to choose from – so get yours if you can!

 College is a Critical Learning Experience

 Smart people often say that the university years are the defining years of your life. You’re going to look back on them every year, for as long as you live. But will your shoes add to your story?

 The U-lace College no tie shoelaces help you express unity and pride in your institution. They help you find your way to class. They teach you that innovation is about simplicity and design.

 These laces can be found on the shoes of some of the most innovative thinkers in top colleges and universities around the country. Thinkers don’t have time for bows, loops and knots.

 Slip-on shoes are also hangover-friendly! With these stretch shoe laces made from specially developed lycra, you’ll never lose a shoe over a mad weekend again. (We don’t guarantee that)

 Find your premium college colors and convert your shoes into a life lesson.


These Prominent Laces are Meant For

  •  Students that want to communicate their innovative thinking to other students, secretly, through the time-honored art of wearing college no tie shoelaces on your sneakers.
  •  Students that have a powerful desire to make friends. What better talking point than your excellent taste in perfectly matched stretch shoe laces!
  •  Students that want to exhibit school pride, even when they’re not at school. Easily identify your peers with your collegiate color packs.
  •  Team spirit is important, but so is looking great. Instead of covering yourself in glitter and paint, wear an outfit that communicates your support is real. Go team!

 Our college no tie shoelaces quickly and easily convert your shoes into slip-ons, while at the same time displaying your obvious school spirit to the world. What’s not to love?

 Then as you look back on the Instagram photos of your life, you’ll see that at least your shoes were better than everyone else’s. And sometimes, that’s enough.


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