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Pro Hoops Colors | Stretchy Shoelaces in Team Colors

Basketball Team Colors on Your Kicks. Rampant Fan Jealousy.

 These limited edition stretchy shoelaces let you express who your favorite basketball team is, and all while matching effortlessly with your official team gear. 

This range offers you 29 team colors – just pick the colors you already know and love.

Turn It Up With Team Colors on Your Kicks

Sometimes all you need are a set of stretchy shoelaces to finish a carefully thought out fan tribute to your favorite basketball team. And we have nearly every team color combination right here.

 Whether you’re the kind of person that dresses head to toe in the kit of your NBA idol, or you choose plain colors and subtle face paint, our laces instantly make your choices better.

 With no tie basketball shoes and laces in your team’s colors, you will be easily and instantly recognizable as a fan. That leaves room for you to bond with other fans over your amazing laces.

These are limited edition fan color packs – get yours while they’re hot.

These Pro Hoops Laces Are Meant For

  • The fans. You help basketball players win games. You shout encouragement at players when they need it most. You valiantly dismiss the value of every competing team.
  •  The events. You love basketball because the ambiance is incredible, and the people are amazing. Now impress them with your incredible stretchy shoelaces.
  •  The experiences. Didn’t you meet your last girlfriend at a game? Looking good while you support the team you love is thinking ahead. You choose what your experience will be.
  •  People that love basketball and sneaker customizations. Combine the two for the best kicks you’ll ever own, with numerous places to show them off.

Team colors make you feel like you belong, like you’re part of something bigger and better than yourself. Communicating pride in your team through shoe customization is the ultimate tribute.

Best of all, you can buy multiple packs of stretchy shoelaces for different teams so that you match at every game you go to. Basketball is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. So live it!


Limited Edition - Professional Basketball Team/Fan Color Packs

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