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Til Gone Big Packs | No Tie Elastic Shoelaces

There is No Such Thing as Too Many U-Laces. That’s Why You Need These!

The Til Gone Big Packs are no tie elastic shoelaces that come in supersized packs of 16 so that you can mix and match different packs, and never run out of your favorite laces.

 This range offers 45 color variations of Classic U-Laces – what will you design?

 They’re Only Available Until They’re Gone

 These extra-large packs of never tie shoelaces were created for testing purposes. That means they are the opposite of infinite, and at the top end of limited time available.

 Essentially, we have about 100 packs of each color left, and once they’re sold, they’re gone. It doesn’t mean you won’t be able to buy our no tie elastic shoelaces again.

 It means that when you buy them, you can only get the smaller packs – and they are more expensive than these supersized versions. These are bulk, they’re affordable and oh so Classic.

 Bigger packs result in better custom shoe designs, more friends and trendier slip-ons.

 These Crazy Laces Are Meant For

  •  Our big packs of no tie elastic shoelaces are perfect for groups or parties that want to bond over sneaker customization and the joys of becoming a lacing maverick.
  •  Teams that would like a uniform appearance, while at the same time embracing the ability to personalize with individual patterns that suit their specific feet.
  •  U-Lace advocates that love the reaction they get every time they gift someone with a set of life-changing U-Laces. Down with loops, knots and bows! Long live slip-ons!
  •  Just you. Because you love your U-Laces. And you never want that feeling to go away.

 From neon green, to canary yellow and bubblegum pink, you’ll find every color in these packs of no tie elastic shoelaces, made from our specially formulated lycra material, for just the right stretch.

 These are also great if you enjoy lock laces and the charms we sell on the website.

 Having a lot of different colors means you’ll never have go a day without wearing your favorite set of comfortable shoes, even though they’ll look different every time. It’s genius!


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