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U-Lace Classic Limited Edition | Multicolor No Tie Shoelaces

The Fashion Ebb and Flow. Always Changing. Always What’s Hot.

The U-Lace Classic limited edition multicolor no tie shoelaces are timely, trending colors created for what’s attracting the most attention in the sneaker world right now.

 This range offers you 6 packs of Multi’s – for effortless, instant sneaker fashion.

It’s All about the Combos and Fades

Multicolor no tie shoelaces that mimic the sun, or leave a trail of frosty ice behind them are what these sets are all about. It’s more than an arrangement of color, it’s a statement.

 From our Classic Rainbow sets to the trendy ‘Spring Time’ colors made famous in vintage fashion, each set is based on what is in right now, and what will work with popular modern fashion.

 You know that clean kicks are back in. You can’t get any more relevant than a pair of white or black sneakers with your wardrobe these days. But the laces in these shoes lack originality.

 These no tie sneaker laces are reliably fashionable, in the latest fades and combos.

 These Trendy Laces Are Meant For


  •  Spice up your designer kicks by adding a custom color fade to your look, and watch as jaws drop the next time you enter a room of people wearing a desert of plain sneakers.
  •  Simple styles communicate elegance and power, but these need to be accented with interesting accessories or you will look like everyone else. Multicolor no tie shoelaces give you the chance to stand tall and stand out.
  •  Nothing says ‘in the know’ more than a pair of shoes that pops. Even if you’re not that great with current fashion, a loaded pair of sneakers with U-Laces give you the edge.


 Fashion changes all the time and it can be tricky to keep up with the seasons. One thing that never changes is how cool U-Laces are. With shoelaces you don't need to tie, every pair of sneakers, boots, hightops and trainers become slip-ons and a fashion statement.

 Get the multicolor no tie shoelaces that appeal to you the most. Then pick your favorite patterns and get to work creating a unique and easy style that screams hot.


U-Lace Classic Limited Edition Multi-Color Packs


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