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U-Lace Classic Multicolor Wovens | The Best No Tie Shoelaces

At The Top of The Range are The Woven Multis. Best. Laces. Ever.

 These U-Lace Classic Multicolor Wovens are easily the best no tie shoelaces money can buy. They look down upon the other laces from above and have no natural competitors.

 This range offers you 12 multicolored woven styles – each as blindingly awesome as the last.

 When Only the Best is Good Enough

 Our Classic Multicolor Wovens are elastic shoe laces made from specially woven fibers and color blends. As part of our platinum collection, these laces upgrade your style to a whole different level.

 They have the unique ability to transform your average pair of affordable kicks into enviable designer sneakers that catch the eye of nearly everyone that comes across them.

 As the best no tie shoelaces in the universe, and perhaps surrounding universes – you will want to seriously consider adding a few sets of these to your collection.

 Woven no tie laces are high quality, visually striking and unique to own.

 These Incomparable Laces Are Meant For

  •  Sneaker superiority. If you’re having a bad day and need to feel outstanding, wear your sneakers with the best no tie shoelaces ever, and your day will go from bleh to yeah!
  •  The truly unique individual. If you count yourself among the truly original, world-changing types then these elastic shoe laces will instantly match your style.
  •  The designer shoe. If your kicks are more than a little bit special, you need laces to match. You don’t see faux leather lining a Ferrari, do you? No you don’t.
  •  Anyone in the tech field. Fortune 500 start-ups, billionaires and new technologies mean only one thing – amazing sneakers with custom elastic laces of the woven variety.

 As an elastic lacing system the Wovens are right at the top. They are textured and refined, and completely affordable. The affordability-awesomeness ratio is incredibly distorted.

 Get the best no tie shoelaces in the galaxy when you choose yourself a few sets of U-Lace Multicolor Wovens. Set your expectations high and prepare for the best looking sneakers you’ve ever designed.


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