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Kiddos Limited Edition Multis | Kids No Tie Shoelaces

Different Color Laces Mean Smiling, Happy Faces. For a Limited Time Only!

 These Kiddos Limited Edition Multis are kids no tie shoelaces that come in packs of color, from neon, to pastels, to rasta colors. The height of cool, each pack can be worn in a variety of ways.

 This range offers 6 exclusive color combinations – for kids on the move.

 What Matters Most To a Child

 Have you ever wondered where to buy elastic shoelaces for children? There are a few options out there these days. But none that are as strikingly stylish and funky as our laces.

 As a parent, you know it’s not enough to get your kid something they want. You have get them the right something. The something their friends all want. Our kids no tie shoelaces are that thing.

 We know because our shoelaces have been tested by kids. They are 100% guaranteed to make all friends within a 5 foot radius immediately jealous. Other brands just don’t have that effect.

 These are limited edition laces, so they’re even more special than that.

 These Funtastic Laces Are Meant For

  •  Full disclosure - our kids no tie shoelaces have been found to improve morning lateness, reduce trips and falls and drastically increase style confidence in young ones.
  •  More than one parent has used the old ‘why don’t you re-pattern your U-Laces’ as a way to snatch a 20 minute break from an insanely busy day
  •  Kids that want to look good, feel great and like applying their endless creativity to customize and craft the world around them. Thinkers, dreamers, lace weavers.
  •  The smaller present that you add to the medium-sized present, which suddenly becomes the favorite present on opening. Stocking stuffers, gifts and better than ice-cream.

 These kids no tie shoelaces will entertain the young ones for hours, as they pattern and redesign their shoes as budding trendsetters do. Multicolor shoelaces like these are so much fun, and they can give a group of kids something to bond over.

 Get several packs of these no tie sneaker laces for a mix and match bonanza with the exceptional end result of fashionable, personalized slip-on shoes that everyone will love!

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