uLace Kiddos Collection

uLace Kiddos Collection

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      Back to school shoppers and summer stompers alike will love looking through uLace’s selection of no tie shoelaces for kids and elastic trainer laces. From gold glitter to rainbow no tie laces, these kids shoe strings are more than just no tie laces for kids: they’re fun, stylish, easy to use, and – best of all – can be used with just about every sneaker! These easy laces for kids can be a helpful tool in teaching children how shoe tying works, while also keeping them safe by ensuring their shoes stay on their feet.

      The Kiddos Collection by uLace ensures that not only will your kid’s sneaker shoelaces stay tied, they’ll look stylish while wearing them. Children’s elastic shoelaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but uLace includes fun laces in an expansive palette of colors, prints, and widths for every style and size of shoe. These kids' no tie laces will help make it easier to learn how to keep shoes on while avoiding the frustration of having to learn a complicated shoe tying method too quickly.

      This collection is designed exclusively with children in mind – with kid size shoe laces that aren’t too long or hard to tie, uLace has reconfigured kids shoe strings for the better. With less complication and more time for fun, the Kiddos collection will have anyone shopping for kids no tie laces jumping for joy – and not out of their shoes! Standard children’s black shoelaces are available, but this collection goes above & beyond by offering fun laces for every occasion and style. Shop now and use Kiddos no tie laces with any kids shoe you buy or already own!