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Below are answers to the questions consumers most frequently ask.


Can you just tell me about U-Lace - how it works, etc.?

Check out this little video we shot in our warehouse: What's U-Lace?


Why does a pack of U-Laces only lace one sneaker?

Besides turning lace-up sneakers into slip-ons, the main concept behind U-Lace is the ability to lace multiple colors into your sneakers.  By having packs that only lace one sneaker (6-laces), we give consumers the ability to get more colors without having to pay for lots of extra laces.  If you only want to lace a single color the 2-packs thing may seem odd, but it was done on behalf of consumers to make multi-color laces ups more affordable to do.


Will U-Lace definitely work on my sneakers?

U-Lace was designed to work best with classically styled sneakers that are made using a 3 piece construction (basically non-techy sneakers).  U-Lace was also designed to work with shoes that have eyelets.  It will not work with loops or other unusual lacing mechanisms.

The really good news is that in October 2016 we will launch a new product:  U-Lace performance that has been specifically designed to be used with techy/performance sneakers and for use in most competition.


What size sneakers does U-Lace Kiddos work best?

We speak more in terms of age vs. sizes.  U-Lace kiddos was designed for kids ages 3 to around 9 years old.  But often times kids as young as 7 will jump to U-Lace classic.  


What size sneakers does U-Lace Classic work for?

U-Lace classic was designed to fit tweens, teens and adults.


What is the difference between U-Lace Classic and U-Lace Kiddos?

The key differences between U-Lace Classic and U-Lace Kiddos are:

1) Length: Kiddos are about 1/4" shorter than Classic

2) Width: Kiddos are about 25% thinner than Classic

3) Aglet Diameter: Kiddos aglets are about 20% slimmer in profile than Classic


How do I make my sneakers tighter or looser?

The Lacing Patterns can be used to adjust the fit of your sneakers on your feet.  With 35 patterns chances are - if you need to adjust the fit - there is a pattern that will fit the bill.

Check out the Lacing patterns Fit Guide by clicking this link: U-Lace Lacing Guide.

Also, if you find that U-Lace Classic is too loose for you, try U-Lace Kiddos; hey it's just a name.  Many adults with smaller or narrow feet wear U-Lace kiddos.  Once they are out of the package and in your sneakers, no one will know but you.  

My sneakers don't have eyelets - will U-Lace work with them?

No they won't.  U-Lace requires sneakers with eyelets to work properly.


Can I compete in U-Lace?

U-Lace is a fully functional product but was not designed for competition.  Normal activities like kids playing, moderate running and jumping even skateboarding are safely done in U-Laces.  We do not however, recommend serious competition in the product.  


Again, the good news on this front is that in October 2016 we will launch a new product:  U-Lace Performance that has been specifically designed to be used with techy/performance sneakers and for use in most competition.


Will U-Laces work in hightop sneakers and, or Boots?

Yes, as long as the sneakers or boots have eyelets U-Lace will work with them. 


Denim Boots withs U-Lace

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