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U-Live. U-Love. U-Lace.

Elastic Shoelaces You Don't Need To Tie!

 U-Lace no tie laces are in. Bows are out. Knots are out. Ugly locking systems are out.

It’s the year of the designer no tie shoelace, where your unique style changes the game.

U-Lace was first in delivering a much needed functionality upgrade for trendy sneakers, kicks, hightops, boots and trainers still being tied together with bits of string.

Our elastic lacing system means that you only need to thread once, to enjoy a complete slip-on conversion for your shoes. Functionally, we’re the best around.

But now, we’re adding custom style to the elevated comfort and convenience of our U-Lace no tie laces. Individual expression is where it’s at, and nothing feels better than taking your favorite pair of sneakers and customizing them with different colors and lacing patterns.

 One pair of eyelet kicks with 3 packs of laces - means dozens of ways to wear them!

What Exactly Are U-Lace No Tie Laces? 

 U-Lace elastic no tie shoelaces are the best solution to the outdated shoestrings you get with your standard sneaker purchase these days.

 The string is made from slippery synthetic fiber, which is why your laces undo themselves a lot, and tend to drive you crazy if you don’t have nautical knot-tying skills to keep your shoes on.

 Our U-Lace no tie laces are short strips of specially developed lycra fiber material with eyelet points and fingernail tips that lock into each other when you thread them into your shoes.

 This makes it possible to adjust the tightness of the fit, the number of colors you are using during designer customization, and makes lace patterning possible in any traditional form!

 U-Lace no tie shoelaces are smarter, better looking versions of your shoelaces. They convert your sneakers into slip-ons, while helping you communicate your unique style to the world!

 Over 10 different designer lines for adults and kids

  • More than 60 color variations to choose from, mix and match
  • Over 30 different lacing patterns for hundreds of unique sneaker customizations

 Who Would Love a Set of U-Laces?

 Aside from every fashion conscious individual that sees the financial benefits of one set of sneakers with many different lacing styles and patterns – our clients come from all over the world.

 Adults, kids, runners, sports people, kids with autism who struggle to lace their kicks, disabled folks, lovers of urban gear, skaters, surfers, dancers, instagrammers, college teams –  you’ll find us on the shoes of people making a difference in the world.

 U-Lace no tie laces – #Loveyourlaces!

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