The Truth

When U-Lace was originally launched it was solely intended to be a fashion product for customizing sneakers.  We even included something we called a ‘top lace’ so the lace-up could be finished with a bow.  Of course this undermined the fact that the product had just transformed a pair of lace-up-and-tie sneakers into a pair of easy-on/easy-off slip-on’s.

U-Lace Positively Impacts the Daily Routine

After hearing from thousands of consumers across the globe about how much they loved the lace-up to slip-on conversion they achieved with U-Lace, we quickly ditched the top laces and opened our eyes and ears even more.  

The buzz we were receiving from mom’s and dad’s telling us how much they loved U-Lace for making the daily routine of getting kids out of the door and on the bus on time for school grew to sound like millions of bees buzzing around our hive.

For many parents the process of getting their kids into and laced-up in lace up sneakers can be quite a stressful challenge.  Countless parents have told us that a process that used to take 10 to 15 minutes – getting their kid’s into lace-up sneakers - is now a 1 minute process of grab sneakers, secure tongue in place, slide foot into sneaker, and go.  What’s more it’s a process kid’s can do all on their own.  It’s that simple.


The Key Benefits of U-Lace

Beyond the lace-up-and-tie to slip-on conversion benefit that all consumers receive from U-Lace there are also a number of other benefits.

  • No need for special no-lace sneakers that either kids refuse to wear or that are very hard to find.
  • No bows to tie means no bows to come untied. Untied laces can get caught in escalators, bike chains, and skateboard wheels and as a such are often the cause of many needless accidents that can lead to a visit to the emergency room.
  • U-Lace no-tie laces are woven from actual fibers – not molded from cheap plastic, or silicone – this means that they look and feel like actual shoelaces and are very resilient.
  • U-Lace no-tie laces are Parent Tested & Parent Approved. You can trust U-Lace.