The goal of U-Lace as a brand and a product has always been to put the power of customization into the hands of the consumer - for over 10 years U-Lace has done that.

The next logical step was to create a product(s) that empowered U-Lacers to pesonalize their sneakers.

We wanted a product that offered a little something for just about everybody: boys and girls, fans and statement makers.

Lace Buddies is the result of that effort. But the best news is that we did not stop at sneaker customization. Our product development team set out to create a collection of Lace Buddies accessories - Bracelets, ID Tags/Zipper Pulls, Key Chains - that can also per personalized utilizing the same Lace Buddies letters and Icons.

This group of products combines to make up the Lace Buddies line and gives consumers the ability to make a personal statement on their wrist, back pack, gym bag, jacket, keys or anywhere they like.

What you do or say with Lace Buddies is totally up to you. Whether you add your name, a team name, a sentiment, or just a collection of emoji/icons to your laces or Lace Buddies accessories is totally up to you.

We - as always - are simply the purveyor of ‘paint’ and ‘canvas’ that you can used to express you.

Lace Buddies and Accessories come in 8 bright colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple & Pink.

You can also expect new Lace Buddies new colors to be regularly added in both limited editon and wide distribution fashion so connect with us on social media so you don’t miss out.

Thank you taking the time to learn a bit more about Lace Buddies.

Lace Buddies

Who’s your buddy?