Actual Woven laces
simple push-pull install
clean modern look
for fashion sneakers
slimmer & more snug
easy to pop a color

Top Selling U-lace Slims Packs

Alert: 2 packs required to lace a pair of sneakers

Designed for Teens and Adults, for use in slimmer-fitting higher-fashion sneakers

Demo Siliprint

For Teens, Tweens, & Adults

$ 12.99

Demo Siliprint

For Teens, Tweens, & Adults

$ 12.99
america / OSFM / Mulit-Color

Top Sellers

New Tie Dye

Additional Color and Multicolor Packs

uLace Slims Mix-n-Match packs are designed to make it quick, easy and affordable to take fashion sneakers and create your own style. Whether you lace up a single-color tonal look, a single-color contrast look or just want to pop a color or two the power of uLaces modular no-tie laces makes that possible.

Each pack contains 7 laces, enough for a single sneaker. You will need at least 2 packs of uLace Slims to lace a pair of sneakers.

It is worth nothing that lots of classic - slim-fitting sneakers - Adidas Superstars, Puma Clydes, Nike Blazers and many of the new high-fashion sneaker brands feature sneakers with 9 to 10 eyelets; take this into account when purchasing as an additional pack may be needed to lace your sneakers properly.