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Hoops Net - Graphites

$ 16.99

When we first launched U-Lace in 2009 we used to put a set of 24" non-stretch laces called a top-lace in the package.  They were added so U-Lace'rs could tie a bow after lacing up with U-Lace.  

With the help of our customers we realized that this undermined the lace-up to slip-on conversion, so we scrapped the top laces.  

We were left with over 100,000 yards of non-stretch lace material so we decided to see what cool things we could do with it.

The first of those cool things are these awesome hand-tied multi-color basketball nets.  You've never seen anything like these before and likely never will after.

Scoop yours NOW, you'll be glad you did.  

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