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U-Lace No-Tie Sneaker Laces

NEW! - U-Lace Kiddos Limited Edition Multi-Color Pack - Sunshine & Blue Skies

$ 4.49


New! - U-Lace Kiddos Limited Edition Multi-Color Pack - Sunshine & Blue Skies

Color Description:  New Kiddos Sunshine & Blue Skies picks up where Classic Sunshine & Blue Skies left off with nothing but a fresh look that'll brighten any sneakers day!

  Pack Includes:

 - 1 each of White, Neon Yellow, Bright Green, Sea Foam Blue, Sky Blue, & Royal Blue Kiddos laces.

 - Full-Color Instruction & Lacing Guide

Note: 2 packs are required to lace a pair of sneakers in 1 or 2 colors; More packs for more colors.

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