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Classic Mix-n-Match Pack - Bright Green

$ 4.49

U-Lace Classic Stretchy Laces | Bright Green

For glowing greens that never fade, our U-Lace Bright Green stretchy laces are best.

Harmony and balance, with a cheerful shine – bright green is a color that is more brilliant than neon green, like a luminous apple that has been dipped in cosmic ooze.

  • 6 mix and match bright green stretchy sneaker laces
  • A color instruction manual with lacing guide
  • Get 2+ packs to thread 2 complete sneakers

A ghostly apparition that shines from your sneakers, these laces never go out of style. Kids are especially drawn to this color’s luminescence, and ability to brighten even the darkest kicks!

Bright green bounces to its own special beat.

Find out what your kicks are really made of with these stretchy green laces!



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