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Classic Mix-n-Match Pack - Hot Pink

$ 4.49

U-Lace Classic No Tie Laces For Sneakers | Hot Pink

Set your pink accents on fire, with our U-Lace Hot Pink no-tie laces for sneakers.

Compassionate and kind, striking and impressive – the color hot pink comes with the fiery nature of red combined with the purity of white. This intense pink is too hot to handle!

  • 6 mix and match hot pink no tie lace segments
  • A color lacing guide and instruction manual
  • 2+ sets to complete your pair of sneakers

A dramatic addition to any pair of sneakers, hightops or boots, these laces will surprise you with their effortless style and eye-catching shade. Your sneakers have never looked this hot.

Hot pink burns bright on your sneakers.

Get these no tie sneaker laces to spice up your look this season!

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