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U-Lace No-Tie Laces

U-Lace Classic Mix-n-Match Pack - Light Navy

$ 3.99

Light Navy

U-Lace Classic Never-Tie Sneaker Laces | Light Navy

The lightest of the dark blues, here are our classic Light Navy never-tie sneaker laces.

Uniform and official, regal and unforgettable – the color light navy brings patriotism, team culture and our storied history to mind. This is the blue on our flag and the blue in our hearts.

  • 6 mix and match light navy never-tie shoelace segments
  • A full color instruction guide and lacing guide
  • 2+ packs of no-tie sneaker laces needed to complete 2 sneakers

A definitive color in a team uniform, or a memorable addition to plain white sneakers, these light navy never-tie laces are traditional and trendy all year round.

Light Navy is the immortal color of hope.

Get yourself some of these timeless additions to your sneaker style!

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