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Classic Mix-n-Match Pack - Light Gray

$ 4.49

U-Lace Classic Elastic Shoe Laces | Light Gray (New)

A pale gray (3/10) with the coolest tones, these are our U-Lace Light Gray laces.

Foggy and subtle, soothing and crisp – light gray is a color that conjures feelings of calm, determination, flexibility and poise. You don’t get much more classic than that!

  • 6 mix and match light gray elastic shoelace segments
  • A full instruction manual and a lacing guide
  • Get 2+ packs to lace up both sneakers

A frosty color with cool undertones, this shady hue is popular with other kinds of gray, mixed colors from our range or on its own as an accent to your minimalist sneakers.

Light gray is black with a powerful conscience.

Enjoy these elastic laces on your kicks in a number of styles and designs!

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