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Classic Mix-n-Match Pack - Ocean Teal

$ 4.49

U-Lace Classic Tieless Laces for Sneakers | Ocean Teal

The color of shallow tides and dolphins, these are our U-Lace Ocean Teal tieless laces.

Calming and serene, endless and unusual – the color Ocean Teal puts you straight on a beach in the midday sun, strumming your way through a lazy day. It’s the ultimate color of the ocean shallows.

  • 6 mix and match ocean teal tieless sneaker lace segments
  • A full lacing guide and complete color instruction manual
  • 2+ packs of tieless laces required for 1 complete set

A splash of green mixed with the finest blues, this will instantly give your sneakers a tropical finish, or a vintage pop. Ocean Teal is a great pattern lace and blends well with other cool tones.

Ocean Teal is soothing and gentle.

Get this popular color now and reinvigorate your sneaker style!

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