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Classic Mix-n-Match Pack - White

$ 4.49

U-Lace Classic No-Tie Laces | White

Second from the top of our bestseller’s list are our U-Lace white no-tie sneaker laces.

Fresh and minimalist, snowy and immaculate – the color white is endlessly enduring, with a purity and brightness that compliments all other colors!

  • 6 mix and match white sneaker lace segments
  • A full color lacing guide and instruction manual
  • You’ll need 2+ packs to finish 2 sneakers

These white laces make your other color sets livelier and more intense, they are dazzling alone and even better when paired with the upbeat colors you love most.

White amplifies color in sneaker design.

Experiment with U-Lace no-tie laces that enhance and diversify your look!

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