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Kiddos Mix-n-Match Pack - Lavender

$ 3.99

U-Lace Kiddos Elastic Laces for Kids| Lavender

A pale violet color that sings when worn, these U-Lace Kiddos elastic laces are delightful.

This is what happens when basic purple blends with just the right amount of cool white. Our remarkable lavender elastic laces for kids are the epitome of vintage chic.

  • 6 lavender elastic lace segments
  • A lacing manual in color and an instruction guide
  • 2+ packs of laces required to finish a pair of shoes

Flowers, pixies and fields of gentle color – lavender is the original tone for unique thinkers and kids that like to make a subtle but lasting statement with their lace designs.

Lavender is emotionally open and free.

Grab your set and add this striking color to your mixes and color blends!

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