No-tie shoelaces for people with no time to waste

No-tie shoelaces for people with no time to waste

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uLaces for your sneakers

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uLace Classic

Designed for sneakers with wide eyelet-spans. Available in over 60 colors and designs.
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X “Eyelet-Span” is the distance between two adjacent eyelets across the top of your sneaker. If the distance is between 2.25” - 4.25”, uLace Classic fits your sneaker.

uLace Kiddos

Designed for sneakers with medium eyelet-spans & a majority of childrens sneakers. Available in over 50 colors and designs.
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X “Eyelet-Span” is the distance between two adjacent eyelets across the top of your sneaker. If the distance is between 1.75” - 2.25” and you are shopping for a child's sneaker, uLace Kiddos is the right fit.

uLace Slims

Designed for sneakers with medium eyelet-spans. Available in over 40 colors and designs.
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X “Eyelet-Span” is the distance between two adjacent eyelets across the top of your sneaker. If the distance is between 1.75” - 2.25”, uLace Slims fits your sneaker.

uLace Shorts

Designed for sneakers with narrrow eyelet-spans. Available in over 40 colors and designs.
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X “Eyelet-Span” is the distance between two adjacent eyelets across the top of your sneaker. If the distance is between 1.25” - 1.75”, uLace Shorts fits your sneaker.

uLace ProFormance

Designed specifically for performance sneakers. Available in 12 colors.
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In communicating with thousands of uLace consumers we were told over and over and over again that the key benefit of uLace is that it allows them to just slip-on their sneakers and get out of the house quickly without ever worrying about tying or untying standard shoelaces.

Then, when they get back home, how they can quickly slip their sneakers right back off without the hassle of bending over to untie them or without stretching and damaging their sneakers while trying to take them off without untying them.

Our consumers also rave about how easy uLaces are to install and it’s true. A simple push & pull repeated a few times and your lace-up and you’re ready to go.

If you’re ready to say so long to standard shoelaces like millions of other happy uLace customers, you’ve come to the right place.

Why People Love uLace


I love how easy these are. I can just slip on my shoes without damaging them at all. They come in so many different styles & colors, too!


Love them! They work fabulously!

Sarita C.

Extremely comfortable, super fast and easy install especially compared to another product I tried and they are so comfortable! Plus they fit a high top boot style shoe, you just can't beat that.

Peter B.

These are genius!! I’m 72 and it’s hard for me to bend over all the time to tie my shoelaces before I do my walking. Now I just slip my foot thru my shoes and that’s it. Simple. No more stepping all over my laces like I used to when they became untied. I’m ordering more.

Jacqueline O.

Best idea ever! These laces make my tennis shoes look neat and tidy, no dangling strings to get dirty, easy to slip on, because they’re stretchy. They are more comfortable than traditional shoestrings. I have sons who hate the thought of tying, dirty shoestrings, so these make all their shoes, quick and easy slip ons. I have been telling all my friends about them.!!

Naomi C.

I took a shot , because they looked like a good idea. I installed the first pair, they are wonderful. I ordered 2 more setups.

John H.

Absolutely perfect with my daughters new shoes!!

Julie P.

These shoelaces did exactly what I wanted them to do. Good color match.

Juan R.

Love them

Tammy L.

Hold my sneakers tight all the time!

Eddie C.

Great product

Ann R.

Love the u laces. A ++++ product.

Sonya B.

Makes it easy to put on and take off. And the shoes stay on. 

Kimberley J.

So easy to put in and makes my shoes a quick slip on! Love these! We’ve been using them for years for my special needs son who can’t tie his own shoes, but these are mine! Love u-lace!Love these! 

Laura M.

Prefect match for my tropical Jordan 1’s.

Jason J.

I enjoy the laces. Very easy to use them and I love the ease of taking my shoe off and putting them back on. Thank you.

T Mobile J.

Your Questions Answered

uLaces are elasticized no-tie laces that quickly and easily transform lace up sneakers and and other flat-bottom footwear into easy on-easy/easy off slip-ons that never need to be tied.

uLaces are made from truly-woven, yarn dyed polyester and our specially extruded lycra filament, which yields the uLace Laced-Feel effect.

Based on direct consumer feedback, one of the key benefits of uLaces is the ease of installation. The aglets on uLaces will look very familiar and easily insert through standard sneaker eyelets.

From day one uLaces have always shipped with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  If for any reason you are not satisfied we will take them back and refund your purchase.  The good news for everyone is that 97% of uLace customers continue to buy uLaces again and again.  So chances are you’ll love them too.

uLaces currently come in one style- modular-and 4 sizes: Classic, Kiddos, Slims, & Shorts. This style of uLaces will only work with sneakers that have eyelets, and will not work on sneakers with loops or hooks. In January 2024 uLace will launch its much anticipated new ProFormance laces which were designed specifically for use on performance footwear. This style of uLaces will work with, eyelets, loops and hooks or any combination of the three.

In our efforts to create what is the worlds best- Shark Tank & Award Winning- no-tie shoelaces in the entire world, we first had to be become experts in sneaker design.  We've studied literally thousands of pairs of sneakers in an effort to really understand how they are made and particularly how they are strapped to the foot.

Before we go further we need to define a term we call 'eyelet-span’. Eyelet span is the distance between adjacent eyelets on a sneaker. This is an across the top of the foot measurement.

What we’ve found in the process of measuring thousands of pairs of sneakers is that there 3-4 prominent eyelet spans that are utilized by nearly every sneaker brand in the world. The lengths of uLace Classic, Kiddos, Slims and Shorts were designed to match those eyelet spans.

This matters because most of the copycat products on the market are first of all: made from cheap nonflexible plastic or silicone that are impossible to install yet to easily break, but also sold as one-size-fits-all products which actually don't fit any sneakers well.

The uLace product line currently includes 4 unique sizes - lengths - which are made to fit the designs of different sneakers. The size of uLaces you need for your sneakers really depends on the way each pair of sneakers you wear is designed. .

A man wearing a size 13 slim-fitting fashion sneaker may require the same uLace size as a woman wearing a size 6 classic-styled sneaker. This is why we have a Find Your Fit helper built into the site. Click through to the Find Your Fit page to explore.

uLaces quickly, easily and affordably convert lace-up sneakers into easy-on/easy-off slip-ons that never need to be tied.

Once quickly installed uLaces make getting out of the door and on the go a snap.  

Just slip-on and go1 uLaces allow you to customize your sneaker’s look and lace design.

$1.99 USA Shipping*

*$1.99 USA shipping on all orders over $40.

The uLace Guarantee

uLace gives all consumers 30 days to decide whether they love their uLace product. Love it or we’ll take it back and refund the purchase. That said, your purchase is risk free.

Fast Shipping from USA

uLace is a USA owned company based in Rochester, NY, staffed by a local employee base. All uLace orders are shipped in less than 24 hours of purchase.

Easy Exchanges

Purchased the wrong uLace color or size? No problem, we will take back the product exchange for the right size or color. We just ask that you try one pack for size or check the color in the package before opening.