Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are U-Lace no tie laces?

    U-Laces are elastic shoelaces that fit into your shoes, replacing your old string shoelaces. They fit in, lock together and convert your sneakers into slip-on shoes with customized lace colors and patterns. 

  • They’re great for:

     Converting sneakers into slip-ons

    • Customizing your sneaker’s look and lace design
    • Turning old plain kicks into trendy new kicks
    • Autistic kids that can’t tie their laces easily
    • They’re as close to Marty McFly as you’re going to get
  • What are U-Lace shoelaces made from?

    Our range of tieless shoelaces are made from a special type of lycra fiber that we developed to have the right elasticity for fashionable design and an adjustable, comfortable fit.

  • How many packs of U-Laces do I need for a single pair of sneakers?

    Each pack of U-Lace’s has 6 shoelaces, which is enough to convert one shoe. So, you’ll need two packs to convert a pair of sneakers, boots or hightops into slip-ons.

  • Why do I have to buy multiple packs of U-Laces for my shoes?

    Our tieless shoelaces are for customizable fashion and comfort, so they eliminate your need to tie your laces but they also give your shoes a designer feel. If you love sneaker lace patterns and multiple colors, you’ll get several packs to mix and match. We wanted to give our customers the chance to experiment without having to break the bank.

  • Will U-Lace tieless shoelaces work on my shoes?

    U-Laces were originally designed to fit your classic sneaker, with a 3 piece construction – but they have evolved to fit nearly any shoe as long as they have eyelet mechanisms. Boots, trainers, hightops, kicks – you name it, they’ll convert it. 

  • Will U-Laces work on shoes that don’t have eyelets?

    No! No tie sneaker laces need eyelets to work, which means unusual lace mechanisms and loops don’t work at all. 

  • What are the age ranges for the U-Lace kids line?

    Our kid’s line of tieless shoelaces were designed for ages 3-9 years old. Every now and then, kids will need to get the Classic version if they have had a growth spurt.

  • What are the age ranges for the U-Lace classic line?

    Our classic line of U-Lace’s fit tweens, teens and adults. The sizes are the same for both men and women.

  • What is the difference between the U-Lace Classic and Kiddos lines?

    There are 3 main differences between our kids no tie shoelaces and our adult versions

    The kids version is ¼ shorter in length than the adult classic version

    • The kids version is 25% thinner than the adult classic
    • The kids aglets are 20% slimmer in profile than the adult classic
    • *Aglets are the plastic tubes at the end of each shoelace
  • How do I make my sneakers tighter or looser?

    No tie sneakers (mens) and no tie sneakers (womens) can be adjusted according to your chosen lacing pattern for tightness – there are 30+ to choose from. All U-Lace elastic ties are adjustable, so check out our fit guide for the right pattern.

    If your feet are smaller than usual, try one of our Kiddos products for smaller feet!

  • Can I compete in sports using U-Lace no tie laces?

    Our U-Lace no tie sneaker laces were designed for casual wear and active play – like moderate running, jumping and skateboarding. But if you’re looking for something stronger, we recommend our U-Lace Performance laces for competitive sports.

  • Does U-Lace work on boots, hightops, trainers and kicks?

    Yes, our tieless shoelaces work on virtually any shoe with eyelets. And they look especially amazing in multi-colored hightops.

No Knots. No Bows. No Hassles. #Loveyourlaces