Time-Saving Tips for the Busy Parent (AKA, Every Parent)

Being a parent is a full-time job, not to mention actually having a full-time job and about a million other responsibilities. One child makes time management hard enough, and the level of difficulty just keeps going up with the number of children.

So for the busy parents who make the world go round, but who can't seem to find enough time in the day, here are some time-saving tips to make life easier.


Prioritize Your Tasks

Most parents are actually great at time management, especially since they're managing more than just their time. However, sometimes they get so wrapped up in everything else that's going on around them that they aren't able to determine what can be pushed until later. Take a few moments (sitting in the parking lot of the supermarket if you need to), to dissect your daily routine and figure out what can take the backseat. You might find that some things can be removed completely from your routine, or tackled more efficiently to open up some more time. If you notice that you do a bunch of tasks that are similar to one another, consider bundling them into a single time slot if you can.


Find Shortcuts

Creating or finding shortcuts to make your life easier isn't the same thing as cutting corners. Your days are spent taking care of multiple people, including yourself hopefully, so if there are areas where you can save some time then, by all means, save away.

Shortcuts can be anything from buying pre-packed lunches for your children to non tie laces for everyone's sneakers (including yours). Non tie laces reduce the amount of time spent tying everyone's laces in the morning. Tieless laces turn the regular sneaker into a slip on, making morning routines a little easier for everyone. Teaching your children to tie their laces is important, especially since 19% of children's ages two to five are able to use a smartphone app while only 9% of the same group of children can tie their laces. However, there are occasions when you have time to teach your child how to tie their shoe, but for the everyday routine, no tie sneakers present a great time management solution.

No matter what methods you use to save time, whether it's by utilizing non tie laces, prioritization, or other means, it's important to find time for yourself. Take a break from cleaning or working, put the kids to sleep, and enjoy an activity you like to do. It'll clear your head and make life seem a little less impossible.

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