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About Us


 Nearly 10 years ago, when U-Lace creator Tim "Double-T" Talley came up with the concept for U-Lace, almost simultaneously he also came up with the name "U-Lace".  


After a career as a marketing guy, product developer, and global trend-spotter for major brands such as Revlon, Nestle New Era Cap Company, and his own brand; Ballgirl Athletic, Tim grew to understand the complex relationship between consumers and the products they both buy and consume.  


Tim understood that U-Lace had to be a platform for the people (that's you) to transform your sneakers - not just into slip-ons - but also into eye-popping, one-of-a-kind, sneaker masterpieces. 


Whether you want to rock single-color lace-ups, or multi-color laces-ups in school or team colors; fresh fashion colors; hook-up colors; cheer squad colors, or dance troop colors, U-Lace has 56 hot colors to let you create whatever look you desire.


It took nearly 2 years of research and development to get U-Lace just right.  The stretch and rebound of the product has been fine-tuned to match the amount of tug/snugness the average consumer puts on their laces when tying their sneakers.  


U-Lace's lace material and tips are also not some off-the-rack elastic and aglets.  Our development efforts led to multiple patents for U-Lace which combined to create the best no-tie sneakers laces in the world.


We've recently launched our new U-Lace Kiddos product and with the new  website we are officially launching our new U-Locks Sneaker Jewelry so you can now "Let Your Kicks Speak For Themselves!"


But that's just the beginning - be on the Look out for the upcoming launch of U-Lace performance and other hot new products from U-Lace.



Why should you choose U-Lace?

  • We created the modular no-tie lace product-category in 2009


  • U-Lace is "easy peasy" to use.  Source: Sneaker Freaker Magazine


  • U-Lace is a Shark Tank winning product.


  • 95% of U-Lace online customers would buy U-Lace again.  Source: MailChimp survey


  • We've been selling online for 7 years.


  • We've shipped over 5 million packs of U-Lace since launching in 2009.


  • You can reach me: Tim Talley, CEO of the company directly at (585) 454-8498 or


  • We'd love to have you as a valued customer.


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