Why Do My Sneakers Always Come Untied? The Mystery Explained

The traditional shoelace knot that everyone learned how to tie at a young age is the staple knot in the sneaker world. No matter how you learned to tie those two little bunny ears, it is and always has been the knot you tie every time you put on your shoes. It hasn't changed in all these years, and it's the same knot that (just about) everyone else uses as well.

So why is it that kids shoe laces come untied on a daily basis? Do they naturally jump and skip more than adults? It isn't just kids whose sneakers come untied, but it seems to be more frequent with the younger crowd. So the question is: why?

Physics, that's why
Even if you have the greatest shoe laces in the world, they're still subject to the same physical forces that act on everything else in the universe. A study conducted by a professor of mechanical engineering, Oliver M. O'Reilly, found that the force created every time your foot hits the ground combined with the swinging motion of your leg just so happens to be a perfect recipe for untied shoelaces. The striking force of your foot hitting the ground loosens up the knot, while the swinging motion of your leg gradually pulls the knot undone.

What can I do about it?
Well, the researchers suggest tying your sneakers in such a way that the knot is relatively stronger, which will help prevent the knot from coming loose. However, there is a much simpler (and more convenient) way to avoid loose laces: no-tie sneaker laces.

Tieless laces are a great way to get rid of the classic sneaker knot altogether while still ensuring that the sneaker stays firmly on your feet. These awesome shoelaces come in a variety of colors and styles, which makes them a great way to personalize your sneaker. Whether you're looking for something modern, such as blue ombre shoelaces, or something classic, like plain black laces, U-lace offers a huge selection of no-tie laces. Our tieless laces are not only a great way to get rid of the knot, but they also turn your sneaker into a slip on, which makes putting on your sneakers extremely easy and convenient.

Whether you choose tieless blue ombre shoelaces, black laces, red laces, or any combination of the rainbow, you never have to worry about your laces coming untied ever gain. Today, there are about 28,360 shoe stores in the United States, but only one true-woven modular no-tie shoelace.

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