U-Lace Lacing Guide & Instructions

Lacing Guide

U-Lace No-Tie Laces are all about Fit, Function, Style and Self-Expression. There are dozens of ways you can lace U-Laces into your sneakers to make them totally yours. For ideas on how to lace up with U-Lace no-tie laces, see the lacing guide below and check back for new entries on a regular basis.


How to Lace No Tie Laces

  1. U-Lace works best on 3-piece construction sneakers (such as Puma’s, Adidas, Vans Sky-Hi, Converse Chuck Taylors, and many others).
  2. Push tip of the U-Lace through eyelet; closed end first.
  3. From inside the sneaker; pull the aglet through.
  4. Align aglet so open end (fingernail) points toward toe.
  5. Pull the U-Lace tight and into place from outside.
  6. Stretch to next eyelet; whichever you choose.
  7. Insert as before.
  8. Align Aglet with open end (fingernail) pointing toward toe.
  9. Take fingernails and lock them over the aglets of the segments below them.

Note: it is often easier to align aglets after the entire sneaker is laced and the sneaker is on the foot.

If your sneakers are looser than you like, try a pattern that will stretch the U-Laces more during the lace-up. This will yield a more snug fit.