10 Types of Sneakers and How to Wear Them

10 Types of Sneakers and How to Wear Them

Specific types of sneakers have become important over the last 15 years, yet so many people still don’t know the differences. That’s why today we’re reviewing 10 modern sneaker styles.



Did you know that some sneakers shouldn’t be worn with socks? Or that in some circles customizing your sneakers is about the coolest thing you could ever do? Kicks rule the world these days, and with their reign comes a brand new set of titles, rules and how you can look your best.

As sneaker aficionados, it’s our job to make sure that you get the best out of the kicks you choose to buy. That way when you spice them up with U-Lace’s, you’ll be wearing the best shoes at the party.

So here are 10 types of sneakers, what they look like and when you should wear them. These aren’t hard-and-fast rules so feel free to learn them, break them, then remake them!

#1: Athletic Kicks

Sneaker shoelaces rarely look as good as when they are adorning your athletic kicks. These sport-centric sneakers are Nike and Adidas regulars and are the perfect blend of functionality and style. Any activity faster than walking, and you’ll want to slip on a pair of these.


#2: Plimsoll Sneakers

These types of sneakers are super famous, and happen to be the most common of the bunch. Also called Low Top Sneakers, they stop just below the ankle and are best worn with secret socks and skinny jeans, or jeans rolled to reveal your naked ankle. Don’t wear high socks with these!


#3: High Top Basketball Sneakers

Your high top sneakers have two excellent advantages – the first is that you can wear long socks and no-one will see them, the second is that they always look cool. These match especially well with the tight fitting jeans of today, even though they became famous on the basketball court.



#4: Authentic Sneakers


Technically these sneakers are Vans, but they are an institution so they get on the list. We make the rules. These types of sneakers can be worn with anything, casual or formal, which makes them revolutionary. Clean, understated design means you’ll always look your best in these Authentics.


#5: Slip-On Sneakers

Ah, the classic slip-on sneaker that has absolutely no shoelaces at all. These smooth top sneakers are making a comeback in metallic and interesting patterns, and are great for easy-wear. In fact, they ooze casual, so like plimsoll sneakers, don’t wear them with high socks. That’s not cool.


#6: Leather Sneakers

Leather sneakers are a hot trend right now, and with these types of sneakers you are investing in the long haul because they never lose their appeal. Pricier than most other sneakers, these also naturally suit business casual and more formal attire. As long as you don’t wear them with long socks! Leather kicks are also fantastic for sports, because they get softer the more you wear them and mold to your feet, which makes them flexible and great for the sports field.



#7: Canvas Sneakers

Comfortable and conventional describes the canvas sneaker, a material based low ankle sneaker that was made famous through brands like Converse All Stars. These look exceptional with any casual clothing, and helped spark the millennial trend of jeans rolled up at the bottom.


#8: Textile Blend Sneakers

Many types of sneakers these days are made from more than one sort of material. You get leather and textile blends, plastic and leather blends and more. Always understand the blend so that your feet can breathe. These are great for athletics and general wear.


#9: Synthetic Sneakers

These are hands down the worst sneakers ever made, and they are everywhere. Remember that time you fell in love with those unusually inexpensive sneakers but they made your feet smell so bad, you had to throw them away 2 weeks in? Those were probably synthetic sneakers. They don’t breathe, they take on smell, they make your feet hot and uncomfortable and they are literally made from the lowest quality materials known to man-kind. Hard pass.


#10: Designer Sneaker

There are many types of sneakers that have evolved into designer brands. Marc Jacobs for example, has a superior line of sneakers that can be worn with formal wear. These shoes are great because they are just as comfortable as normal kicks, but from the outside they look like something special.

Designer sneakers are specifically for formal clothing, or business-casual if you want to be edgy – and these benefit the most from high quality laces like our U-Lace packs.

These ten types of sneakers are crossing fashion boundaries, and are being worn with everything from hip-hop street style to boho outfits straight from the catwalks of Milan. It seems like people’s love for sneaker culture is only going to escalate as we approach 2020.

Now you know which sneakers to look out for the next time you spot some at the mall, and which pair will go best with your next great adventure. And don’t forget to give your sneakers that little something extra and add your no tie customizations to them.

Which types of sneakers are your favorite and why? Tell us, we want to know!