3 Untied Shoe Styles To Rock Your Kicks


Shoes and footwear are a $2 billion industry. A fashion industry that large has an endless variety of styles and variations. Just think about what's in your closet!

Have you noticed people wearing shoes that appear untied? It's the latest shoe fashion style, and it's not what you think. The laces appear loose, but they're just as secure as the classic "bunny-ears" knot you learned as a child. 

Do you want to learn how to wear your shoes untied? Here are three of the best untied shoe styles that you can try. 

1. Loose Lace Look

The loose lace style allows the shoelace tips to hang after tying them with the desired tension. All you have to do is lace your shoes with the traditional criss-cross method. Instead of tying a traditional knot, you knot the laces on each side and let the rest hang. 

Make sure that the hanging part isn't too long by tucking them into the sides of the shoe. 

Shorter-length shoe laces work wonders for the loose lace style. Using shorter lengths reduces or eliminates hanging slack after knotting. 

2. The Tuck-and-Go Style

Tying a hidden knot to secure the lacing achieves this style. Draw the shoelaces to the desired level of tightness and tie a secure knot. Tuck the knot underneath the tongue. 

Your shoelace knot will stay snug and hidden alongside the tucked laces. Tuck-and-go is excellent for children learning to tie their shoes

It's a helpful style for anyone with mobility issues. The shoes stay secure but without the risk of becoming untied and creating a falling hazard. The loose, but secure laces also transform your shoe into a slip-on. 

Make sure that the knot is small and not too tight. Leave room to make style and safety adjustments whenever necessary. 

3. Lace Lock

Lace locks are the perfect way to achieve a loose-laced look, and they're simple to use. Squeeze the lace lock device and slide the laces through. Tighten the laces to your desired tension, then engage the lock mechanism. 

Lace locks are great for any lacing style, but work best with the bar lacing method. The bar lace pulls your shoe laces across the tongue.

To achieve the bar-lace style, start by lacing over the face of the bottom eyelets. Pull the laces even, and then pull the left side behind the face of the next eyelet and then across the tongue. Alternate until you've reached the top. 

This style is excellent if you have a child that struggles to tie their shoes, or if they're living with autism. 

Options like U-Lace no-tie shoelaces will help your child keep their style and tightness with room for adjustments. all without a visible knot. 

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The Best Untied Shoe Styles

The tips in this article explain the best untied shoe styles that can help you or your child. These styles are helpful for people with autism or mobility issues. They're also the latest shoe fashion trend.

Do you want to learn more about how to wear your shoes without tying them? U-Lace would be glad to hear from you as you shop our impressive options for no-tie shoelaces. Send us a message online, or call us at (585)454-8498.