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7 Powerful Ways No Tie Shoelaces Help People With Autism

Posted on 16 April 2017

7 Powerful Ways No Tie Shoelaces Help People With Autism Autism

independence is a key topic for parents that want to ensure that they give their kids the best chance at life. Today, we explore how no tie shoelaces can help you achieve these goals.

Autism Awareness shoelaces

There are no words that can express the pride a parent feels when their child who has struggled with autism from a very young age, can finally slip-on their sneakers alone, like everyone else can. It’s a moment we have heard recounted many times by our customers.

But it’s not just the feeling of pride that is the main reason you should consider graduating to elastic no-tie laces. In fact there are some more important reasons, supported by autism research.

This post gives you 7 powerful ways that our no tie shoelaces help people with autism, and can also be handy for other special needs people, or those with injury or disability.


#1: Giving Your Autistic Child the Freedom to Choose

One of the struggles of being an autistic child is always being locked into ‘special’ items because your needs are different from the people around you. For total autism independence, it makes such a difference to let your kid choose the shoes they want to wear. More often than not, it’s what all the cool kids are wearing – sneakers! This can be extremely frustrating for kids and their parents if tying those laces is a nightmare every day. U-Lace no-tie laces lets your child wear their favorite sneakers all the time.


#2: Being the Same as Everyone Else, Thank You Very Much

Autistic kids are sometimes even more sensitive to things around them than you know. When your life is made up of being told what not to do, and being so different from people in the same age group as you’re in, it’s easy for outbursts to escalate.


That’s why to achieve adequate autism independence, you should strive to make your child’s life as easy as possible, by giving them the same things other kids have. The ability to wear customized sneakers is a joy that your kid will revel in.


#3: Preventing Accidents and Injury from Untied Laces

For many autistic kids and adults, the problem is not simply tying their shoelaces once and going about their life. Because they are prone to impulsivity, forgetfulness and distractions – there is a real risk of injury should those laces become undone during the day.

To prevent injuries caused by loose laces, a no tie shoelace solution is brilliant. You only need to thread them once in the shoes of your choice and they become instant slip-ons.

Plus with the right lacing pattern you can make them fit snugly on their feet.


#4: Allowing Kids to Thread Their Own Laces

It’s a common misconception that people with autism are incapable of performing creative tasks, they can be some of the most creative people around! Many autistic kids in our U-Lace community love to sit with their parents and create their own custom lace designs.

It’s a great way to help them practice their fine motor skills, especially if they have severe autism coupled with other disorders, which is often the case.

Put a smile on your child’s face and improve their motor skills with no-tie laces.


#5: The Chance to Develop Self Care Skills Early

When a child is still young, key self-care practices need to be introduced into their routine so that they grow into high functioning adults with autism. Things like brushing their hair and teeth, and dressing themselves are very important at a young age.

Autism independence means empowering your child to put their own shoes on, even if they can’t manage traditional laces. That’s when our no-tie laces come in very handy.

Being able to put their own shoes on will improve the quality of life for your child.

#6: Learning to Let Go as a Parent of an Autistic Person

We have spoken to many parents who have trouble allowing their kids to perform activities, chores and even basic self-care skills on their own. This is because when a child has quite severe autism, it can be turbulent and fear often replaces autism independence.


When you use no-tie shoelaces, it’s a simple action that will give your autistic child pride and will help you learn to trust them to perform more independent actions for themselves.

The little things matter most in a day, and getting them right is so important.


#7: The Ability to Move Freely and Comfortably on Their Own Terms

Freedom is always an issue when someone has autism, because they often have to be watched or helped along. Being able to slip on their own shoes and go into the garden can be one of the few ways they get to express their freedom at home.

Doing this on their own terms, in their own time is important for development. It will vary depending on where they are on the spectrum, but everyone deserves the opportunity to move around freely.

It’s clear then that no-tie shoelaces are an exceptional addition for special needs cases and for stimulating autism independence.

There are so many benefits to switching to elastic laces, that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it years ago! We want to hear about your experiences with different laces! Tell us your story below.

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