How To Keep Your Shoelaces Out Of Bike Chain?


Always wearing a helmet, opting for bright or reflective clothing, and choosing a bike that's the right size for you are common safety tips for riding a bike. But one hazard that doesn't get talked about enough is shoelaces.

Whether you're cruising around town or using your bike for your morning commute, loose shoelaces can turn a fun ride into a dangerous situation. If your laces are too long, even if they're tied, they can get caught in the chains of your bike and cause a dangerous accident.

Keep reading to learn how to keep shoelaces out of bike chain so you can enjoy a safe ride.

How to Keep Shoelaces Out of Bike Chain

When it comes to keeping loose or long laces out of your bike chain, you have a few options.

Wearing Shoes Without Laces

The first option is to wear shoes without laces. While this removes the danger, it limits your shoe options.

Bike shoes don't have laces, but are also uncomfortable for daily wear, and often more expensive than regular gym shoes. It also means having to carry another pair of shoes to wear when you get to your destination.

Other types of no-tie shoes without laces might not be the best option for biking safety, either. Often, these shoes don't fit your foot well. They may come off as you ride, which can be a bigger hazard than loose shoe laces.

Tucking and Tying Your Laces

Another option is to tuck your shoelaces into your shoes or tie them in complicated, clever ways. While this option might work temporarily, it still poses a hazard. During a long ride, your laces may come untucked or loosen, falling into the path of your bike chain.

Tucking your laces into your shoes can also make for an uncomfortable ride.

Using No-Tie Laces

Perhaps the best way to ensure your bike safety without sacrificing a fun and comfortable ride is by using no-tie laces. You can replace your existing shoelaces in your favorite pair of sneakers with no-tie laces. You'll still get a tight, comfortable fit, get to wear your favorite shoes, and won't have to worry about your laces getting caught in your bike chains.

Plus, with the right no-tie laces, you can choose a color and style that matches your shoes. That way, when you get to your destination, you won't have to change shoes or swap out your no-tie laces. As an added bonus, you'll be able to quickly slip on your shoes to get out the door, and won't have to worry about them coming untied throughout the day.

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Property Bike Safety With No-Tie Laces

Wearing a helmet can reduce your risk of a head injury by 48 percent. But avoiding crashes in the first place can also help reduce your risk of injury. Whether you ride daily for your commute, for fitness, or just for fun, learning how to keep shoelaces out of bike chain is important.

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