How to Loosen Your Shoelaces


Slipping your sneakers on and off is more challenging than you'd think. Too-tight laces prevent an easy slip on and off and they're uncomfortable. 

Tight laces are also a challenge for individuals with mobility issues and disabilities. Thankfully, there's a solution. 

In this guide, we'll teach you how to loosen shoelaces and give you some pointers for making the most of your footwear. Keep reading to discover those useful tips. 

Shoelace Problems: Too Tight or Too Loose

Roughly 36 million falls are reported among older adults every year. Inappropriate footwear or untied laces make falls much more likely. 

Tied too loose, and your shoelaces come undone. Walking with undone laces presents a significant tripping hazard. 

However, tying them too tightly can also cause problems. For example, extensor tendonitis is usually caused by tight laces on shoes or ill-fitting footwear.

Too-tight laces are also a challenge for anyone to untie. 

How to Loosen Shoelaces 

How to loosen laces for comfort and safety is vital for your well-being. There are ways you can turn any pair into a pair of slip on shoes. 

How to Loosen a Knot in a Shoelace

If you can't seem to undo a knot in your laces, try to push one side of the shoelace back through to give you some slack. Pulling on both ends causes a knot to tighten. 

Soaking the laces in water loosens a stubborn knot. Just make sure your shoes can get wet first! 

Ask another individual to help you if you have trouble loosening the knot or use tools like needle-nose pliers. Undoing tight knots is the first step for how to loosen shoelaces.

Removing Tight Shoe Laces

After untying your shoes, loosen the laces by sliding a finger underneath the crossed section and gently pulling up. Work from the top down. 

Slide your shoe on and lace them so they fit comfortably. Remember, not too tight! The lacing near the tongue of the shoe should be looser than the lacing near the bottom. 

Try No-Tie Laces

Maybe tying your shoes isn't easy, and you want a better solution. 

Our uLaces are easy to install and turn your favorite sneakers into slip-on shoes. Measure to find your fit, push the laces through the eyelets, and pull them to lock them in place. 

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Experience the uLace Difference

Knowing how to loosen shoelaces is a valuable skill. Too-tight laces are uncomfortable and may cause podiatry issues. Unfortunately, laces left too loose may come untied and cause a fall. 

There are excellent ways to achieve shoelace comfort. Using uLaces can make life easier, and they give you the option to customize your laces for unique and eye-catching styles. 

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