How to Turn Tie Shoes Into Slip-Ons and Hide Laces?


It's estimated that the average person will work 90,000 hours in their lifetime. That doesn't leave the average person a lot of time to do anything else. So they'll do anything they can to save time. 

Well, there's at least one way for the average American to save time. That is to turn tie shoes into slip-ons. Doing this can also make one's shoes look neat and fashionable. 

Are you interested in learning how to make tie shoes slip on? If so, keep reading! This article will teach you some methods to make tie shoes slip-ons. 

Double Cross-Lacing Style 

The double cross-lacing style is the first tie-on shoes to slip-on shoes technique on our list. This is one of the best tying styles if you're looking to jazz up your laces a bit. The pattern looks snazzy and you can use laces of two different colors if you wish.

Gather up two laces. Knot them together close to their ends. Make sure the knot is tight and then do the following steps: 

Step 1 

Thread one lace down through the right eyelet closest to the toe of the shoe. Hide your knot right under that eyelet. 

Step 2

Take the other lace and thread it down through the left eyelet closest to the shoe's toe. Doing this should create a straight bar between these two eyelets. 

Step 3 

Form an X with your laces. It doesn't matter which shoelace is above or below. Once this is done, twist the shoelaces around each other. 

Step 4 

Insert the ends of your shoelaces into the eyelets that are the second farthest from the toe. As before, thread the shoelace ends down. A double lace loop should appear above the tongue of the shoe. 

Step 5 

Repeat the steps above to continue making double loops. Stop when you reach the top of your shoe's tongue. 

Step 6 

Now is the time when you'd usually just make a knot. But you should notice that your shoelaces are far too long to simply tie this way. Luckily, learning how to hide laces like these is easy. 

Just make a bow with your laces and then hide this bow behind your shoe's tongue. There! Your slip-on shoes are now ready! 

Straight Bar Lacing 

But maybe you don't want your laces to stand out. Maybe you're wondering how to tie shoes to hide laces. If so, the straight bar lacing technique could be what you're looking for to turn tie shoes into slip-ons. 

The straight bar lacing technique won't hide your laces completely (that's impossible, unfortunately). It will, however, make your laces a lot more subtle and clean-looking. 

Step 1 

Grab your shoes. Then place them in front of you so that the toes face you. 

Step 2 

Thread one end of your shoelace downwards into the left eyelet closest to you. Do the same with the other end of your shoelace on the other side. You should see a bar form between these first two eyelets. 

Step 3 

Grab the shoelace end that's now on the left. Thread this upward through the second eyelet on the left closest to you. 

Step 4 

Pull the left shoelace to the right over the tongue. Thread the end downwards through the right eyelet that's the second closest to you. 

Step 5 

You should now have one lace end sticking out of the second right eyelet and another sticking out of the first right eyelet. Take the latter end and thread it upward through the third eyelet on the right. Do the same with the former but with the fourth right eyelet. 

Step 6 

Cross both laces over the tongue from the right to the left side. Insert the ends into the eyelets straight across from where they were. You should now see bars on the third and fourth eyelets. 

Step 7 

The laces should both be on the same side again. Repeat step 6 with the appropriate eyelets until you reach the tongue. Both laces should be on the same side here. 

Step 8 

Cross the lace second from the top and insert it into the eyelet on the opposite side as before. Then thread this end upward through the topmost eyelet on the right. 

Step 9

Tie the shoelaces together under the tongue. Your shoelaces are now ready to try on. 


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Turn Tie Shoes Into Slip-Ons Now 

Now you know how to turn tie shoes into slip-ons. Since you do, you should save at least a minute or so of your time. That's time you can add to other important activities in your day. 

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