The Autism community found U-Lace and transformed our company in so many ways.


The reality about U-Lace is that it is a much different company today than I had envisioned it to be when I first started working on developing the U-Lace product.

In my mind U-Lace was just a fashion product that would allow sneaker heads to lace up their sneakers in lots and lots of colors and patterns unlike no product before it had.

I saw sports fans wearing their team colors, fashionistas matching their shoelaces to their outfits and sneakerheads turning their sneakers into one of a kind masterpieces.

To be totally honest - the slip-on conversion was not even a major though point as I developed the product. In fact, I too was so used to tying a bow on my sneakers that we included a 24" "top-lace" that wearers could use to tie a bow at the top of their sneakers so they would look like "normal" shoelaces. 

Not much time had passed however before we began receiving emails and letters from adults and from the parents of kids who for some reason or another struggled to get their sneakers on their feet and also struggled to tie the laces.  

They asked: "Why are you adding the top lace?  We don't need that.  Without it, we can just slip our feet and and out of the sneakers."

They sent emails saying: "Your laces are a Godsend!  My kid is autistic and struggles to tie their laces.  My son is too old for velcro.  Mean kids at school untie my daughters sneakers because they know that she can't tie them back.  Your laces have changed my childs life.  My kids now feels normal.  Just like the other kids."

These notes taught us that the conversion from Lace-Up to Elastic Slip-On Shoe Laces was the most important benefit of our product.

Here are just a few of the reviews and notes we have received:

AWESOME!  These shoelaces are perfect for my son. He has autism and has fine motor delays and therefore is not able to tie his shoes. Now he can wear any shoes and I don't have to worry about him not being able to tie them! - Ashley H.

TALK OF THE SCHOOL!  My son couldn't wear shoes with laces if he didn't know how to tie them and we were given very color and style specific options. Because of these laces I was able to save money from buying very specific shoes with velcro, my son had more options and until he learns to tie them (or we buy stock in U-Lace) his teachers are so happy. I even overheard the teachers talking about what a great idea they were and more parents should purchase them. - Lauren L.

BEST LACES!  One of the best laces I've come across! We have a boy with Autism and these laces give him more independence. Before he required assistance with his shoes, now he just puts them on. These would also work wonders for those who suffer arthritis or any physical handicap. I give them 5 stars! - Clifford B.

LOVE THESE!!! My son has Autism and it is so difficult for him to tie his shoes and keep them tied. They look cool and the colors and awesome! Problem solved! - Jill H.

AMAZING PRODUCT!  Bought these for my son who has autism and he loves them. I even bought them for myself. I will recommend this product to all my friends and family.  Lacosta W.

PERFECT!!  My son is Autistic and is not able to tie his shoes. These no-tie laces were an absolute answer to prayers. Now he doesn't have to worry about his shoes coming untied at school and having to be made fun of when he has to ask someone to re-tie them for him!! Thank you for such an amazing product!! - Carla C.

LOVE THESE!  My son is on the Autism spectrum. It makes him have really hard time tying his shoes. These save him so much and aggravation. From having to retie them over and over all day. These are a life saver. He hasn't had one meltdown because of his shoelaces since we got these. - Rita F.

GREAT FOR KIDS WITH AUTISM.  I purchased these for my 12yr old son with autism who can't tie his own shoes. Now he can wear stylish shoes like the other kids without fear of them coming untied at school! THANK YOU!! - Leslie D.

Wonderful for my child with Autism.  He has hand tremors and cannot tie his shoes. These laces made it possible for him to put on his own shoes. - Lilly H.

We have received hundreds of reviews and emails with the same sentiments and that truly makes us happy as a company; knowing that we are making a real difference in peoples lives.  We are proud to know that U-Lace is so much more than a fashion product. Our elastic shoe laces are products that change lives and brings normalcy to the lives of so many people with disabilities who struggle to tie their sneakers.

From pregnant women, to wounded veterans, to autistic children, to disabled adults, to little kids who just struggle with tying laces, U-Lace shoelaces have become a problem solving product. That makes all of us here at U-Lace No-Tie Laces very happy.

Tim Talley

U-Lace No-Tie Sneaker Laces

Founder & CEO