The Best Converse No-Tie Laces


Converse sneakers are the classic sneakers everyone associates with basketball. The shoes conjure images of afternoon pickup games on a neighborhood court. They're simple to put on and renowned for their comfort under the strongest activity. Converse's iconic status has truly emblazoned them as shoes you can't beat.

The Problem With Converse Laces

Unfortunately, Converse's sneakers have one issue common to all athletic footwear. Shoelaces simply aren't that easy to use. As feet shift, the shoe contracts or loosen. The laces are thin and fail to hold up. The worst issue they have is the ease with which they untie and the difficulty retying them. 

For shoes meant to be worn as an easy, active item, shoelaces simply don't stand up to the task. Shoelace technology has mostly stayed the same in the eons of traditional footwear. Traditional shoelaces simply don't offer what sneaker wearers need.


Thankfully, there is a quality alternative that's cheap and easy. uLace's products are the best no-tie laces for Converse sneakers, offering an easy-to-install, easy-to-use product that converts any standard shoe from a laced to a slip-on shoe that only has to be tired once. These Converse no-tie laces solve any issue a wearer might have.

The Converse no-tie laces are simple to install. Just plug the laces into the holes and adjust the tabs at the end. You can opt for the traditional crossed look of standard laces or go for a modern straight-across look that suits no-tie laces. However you install the laces, they'll change the shoe from a complicated sneaker to one easy to put on.

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The Advantages of uLaces

While no-tie laces are helpful under any circumstances as a fashionable accessory, uLace's Converse no-tie laces are particularly effective for athletic use. Basketball games are fast-paced with lots of rapid motion. An untied lace can be catastrophic to a game. With no-tie laces, there's no risk of slipping and falling. 

The shoes also have the advantage of avoiding pressure points. With traditional shoes, the laces compress and cause foot pain, inhibiting performance. Converse no-tie laces adjust instantly, always cushioning and keeping your feet at maximum comfort. The shoes become an invisible part of your day.

Choosing the Right uLaces

uLace offers a wide range of no-tie laces, making the selection challenging. Here are some things to look for from the laces. First, check if the lacing fits kids' shoes or adults. Look at the eyelet spacing, as wide, medium, and narrow are available. Finally, we offer our laces in a variety of colors. Match the color to suit your sneaker needs, whether to blend in or stand out. Our many choices make finding laces suitable for your needs a snap.

If you value your Converse sneakers, you want them to look and feel good. Converse no-tie laces are a great way to ensure your sneakers hold up to the most demanding days on the court. Check out our selection today.