Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

We make modular no-tie shoelaces. It’s what we do.

Until recently.

Not long ago, we made a mistake that ended up with us holding over 90,000 yards of our premium non-stretch material that we used to make top-laces to accompany our modular U-Lace no-tie laces. Consumers told us that they did not need top-laces – we’d already turned their sneakers into slip-ons. So we found ourselves totally stuck holing all of the non-stretch material, and since we make stretchy no-tie sneaker laces, we couldn’t make regular shoelaces out of it. So after much thought, we turned those 90 thousand yards into something new and unexpected.

What came out of our mistake are brand new collection of limited edition, few-of-a-kind, multi-colored basketball nets made from super-high-quality material that will stand up to a few summers of nothin’ but net!. Now anyone who enjoys playing a little hoops in the driveway or seriously throwing it down with their friends on the court can do so in true ‘yeah this is MY home court’ style.

Let’s be honest, how often have you changed your basketball net? If you use your hoop often, you could have changed it a few times but chances are it’s been swapped out once, maybe twice. So maybe your hoop is looking a little dingy right now. Is it torn in a few places? Has it become brittle and frail from sun exposure, weather, and general use? Don’t bother going to the store and getting the same old net that you’ll have to replace again soon anyway.

Get a U-Lace limited edition U-Net basketball net instead and make a statement as bold and remarkable as your game.


Our U-Nets are made from the same high-quality woven material that we specified for our top-laces. That means your new U-Net is extremely durable, won’t stretch out, can withstand the abuse of ‘all net, all day, all nite””, and it’ll looks a whole lot cooler than your old net.

Don’t worry, our core business of making U-Lace No-Tie Sneaker Laces – the most awesome shoelaces in the world; shoelaces that give kids, parents, and people on-the-go a fast and convenient way to turn their sneakers into tieless slip-ons. We love making our customers’ lives easier, and a little brighter, and now we have a new way to do just that.

Because we love our products so much and think you will too, we’re doing a special promotion so you get a little bit of everything. Buy ANY of our limited edition U-Net basketball nets and you’ll also get two packs of our awesome U-Lace shoelaces absolutely FREE.

Every year, consumer footwear spending is roughly $29.75 billion in the United States. With our unique no-tie shoelaces, you can make every pair of Sneakers and casual flat-bottom shoes you own both slip-ons and brand new. Now, you can have U-Lace no-tie shoelaces and a statement-piece basketball net with the same purchase.

Sometimes life gives you lemons and you make lemonade. Other times, life gives you 90,000 plus yards of premium non-stretch woven shoelace material and you make insanely-awesome basketball nets. That’s what we did.

Grab one of our limited edition, multi-colored basketball nets now while supplies last and receive two free packets of U-Lace tieless laces.