Shop for Gray Shoelaces

In a world of innovation and advancement in technology it’s amazing it took so long for a new type of shoelaces to be developed. Fortunately for everyone, U-Lace create the first modular no-tie shoelaces in 2008. With the only no-tie modular laces made from a woven material and special Lycra fibers u-lace’s no-tie lace technology brought sneaker laces into the modern world.

Kiddos Mix-n-Match Pack - Metallic Silver

$ 3.99

Classic Mix-n-Match Pack - Medium Gray

$ 4.49

Classic Mix-n-Match Pack - Light Gray

$ 4.49

Classic Mix-n-Match Pack - Dark Gray

$ 4.49

Classic Mix-n-Match Pack - Metallic Silver

$ 4.49

Classic Mix-n-Match Pack - Sparkly Silver

$ 4.49

Gray is the New Black

Offering just a few colors was not enough for U-Lace, so the brand offers a vast array of colors across the fashion spectrum. Oddly enough gray is one of the most popular colors in the U-Lace shoelace line. gray is both cool and hot at the same time and very fashion-forward and on trend and it likely will always be. From Light gray, to medium gray to dark gray you can add just the right amount of coolness to your sneakers whether they are white, black, or silver or metallic. Far from drab, gray is the new black.