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U-Lace Classic No Tie Laces

The First. The Only. The Original Sneaker Customization.

 The flagship no tie laces that were originally designed based on the legendary concept that struck founder Tim Talley in Japan all those fateful years ago.

 This range offers 60 vibrant colors to choose from – so which is your favorite?

 Classic Good Looks, and Brains to Boot

 Your set of U-Lace Classic no tie laces links you to an institution of sneaker style that is fast becoming the global brand name in shoe fashion.

 These laces were dubbed our ‘classic’ line because the materials used are exactly the same width as your classic sneaker laces, so that you lose nothing during your style cross-over.

 Made from the same specially engineered lycra material that gives our no tie shoelaces for adults just the right kind of stretch, you’ll find your ideal fit and pattern in no time.

 The Classics come in every color that matters, which means you’ll always match.

 These Timeless Laces Are Meant For

  •  Tweens – You’ve realized no tie laces will give you something your friends don’t have, which will help you make even more friends. You’re welcome, and they look fantastic.
  •  Teens – It’s time to distinguish yourself from the pack, build on your notorious style and etch out a place for yourself in fashion history. It all begins with your shoes. Obviously.
  •  Adults – Time for those shoelace replacement dreams of yours to come true. Slip them on, and glide around in pure comfort. People will wonder how you do it. You won’t tell them.

Classic laces like these are meant for free-thinkers that want to show-off their unique style without making a fuss about the process. You can wear jeans and a t-shirt. As long as your sneakers let everyone know that you care about color and contrast.

 Didn’t you hear? Tying your shoelaces this year is out. You have better things to do with your time. Like meet the love of your life. Or invest in a hot new start-up company. Or skate all day until your legs hurt. And that’s when your U-Lace Classic no tie laces will be there.

 Guiding your every step.

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