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U-Locks Monos | Elastic Shoe Lace Locks

When Your U-Laces are a Hit, but Something is Missing. It’s Your Monogram.

 These U-Locks Monos are elastic shoe lace locks that add a fresh dimension to the Classic U-Lace look. Thread some swag into your design, and see your initials shine back at you from the floor.

This range offers you a polished platinum selection of shoelace locks in the shape of letters.

 Locks for Your Sneakers to Make Them Pop

 The U-Locks Monos are elastic shoe lace locks that are the literal A-Z of modern lace styling. Spell out your initials in a designer monogram, like the celebrities of our time.

 Better yet, show some patriotism and thread your countries monogram into your shoes. Great as gifts for kids, these platinum letters will make even the most standard sneakers something special.

 If you’re looking for something to set your sneaker style apart, you don’t get much better than tieless lock shoelaces with a personalized monogram.

 Think of them as charms for your shoes. Good luck charms.

 These Platinum Monos are Perfect For

  •  Elastic shoe lace locks that are naturally fashionable and beyond any kind of verbal criticism. They have an amazing ability to draw the eye, and invite casual nods of respect from strangers.
  •  Legend has it that if you wear a platinum monogram on your U-Lace sneakers on the right day of the year, nothing but good luck will come your way.
  •  It’s an automatic ‘best-friend’ status when you buy a friend a personalized monogram for their sneakers. Those are the rules.
  •  Gifts, stocking stuffers, and extras to add to your already growing collection of U-Lace no tie shoelace packs. It’s not your fault you can’t get enough of them.

 True customization is about individuality and confidence, which is what these elastic shoe lace locks communicate every time the sun catches them. Sneaker customization is an art. Sometimes your shoes can speak for you, you know?

 Match your monogram with any of our no tie shoelaces – test out different patterns and see what you can create. These single letter lace locks are powerful, so use them wisely.



U-Locks mono's (short for monograms) single character lace locks

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