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U-Locks Words | Elastic Lace Locks

Words are Powerful. Words on Your U-Lace Sneakers Give You Superpowers.

 U-Locks Words are platinum colored elastic lace locks that communicate your love of customized sneaker design to the world. They make you feel like each step is a positive affirmation. 

This range of 8 word combinations offers you traditional expression on non-traditional shoes.

 Poetry for Your Customized Kicks

 A shoelace lock can be pretty ugly, unless you’re into plastic, drawstring fashion. Because U-Lace is devoted to style and attitude – we made ours shinier, bolder and better than other brands.

The U-Lace team likes to think of our stretchy lace locks as poetry for your kicks. Sometimes you need a little something extra to spice up your sneaker customization.

With these elastic lace locks you get that fresh platinum tone that gleams back at you from the ground, and every step is like walking on a silver lining.

U-Locks Words communicates your love of kicks without a single word uttered.

These Incredible Platinum Locks Are Meant For

  • Sneaker enthusiasts that want to add some swag to their designs, in the form of pop culture words that reinforce confidence and make you feel good about your shoe choices.
  •  If you really are a kicks diva, or a sneaker king, what could be more appropriate than elastic shoelace clips that say as much? Also great if you collect types of kicks.
  •  Kids that love customization, personalization, crafty things and bold statements. There are entire schools of kids out there that find these locks irresistibly fresh.
  •  Magpies, because of the shine. As you walk, the glinting mirrored effect off the platinum color will attract eyes to your customized shoes.

 If you’re looking for elastic lace locks that are going to look great, add a style element to your custom shoes and keep you on the cutting edge of sneaker fashion, U-Locks are what you need.

These words were brought to life by our community of sneaker fans, who assured us that threaded lace charms were only cool if they said as much.

 Get them as gifts, stocking fillers or for your growing range of customized shoe elements. These elastic lace locks can be found on the shoes of go-getters, trend-setters and sneaker-threaders.


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