One of the most fulling things in life Is finding the courage to be and embrace one’s authentic self. The uLace brand was born of and built on authenticity.

14 years ago, when we set out to re-think shoelaces, we decided that our modular no-tie laces had to be both authentic (truly woven like standard laces) and revolutionary (transforming sneakers into slip-ons, while also eliminating the need to ever tie laces again).

Nearly 100% of lace up sneakers on the market back then and still today feature standard woven laces. Our goal was to maintain that authentic look (no cheap plastic or silicone laces here) just hundreds of yarn-dyed fibers and specialty extruded Lycra intricately woven together to make high-quality, resilient, vibrant-colored laces that look like they belong in your sneakers because they do.

It’s not easy be authentic and true. But you’ve been bold enough to be so and embrace your authentic self. We’re 100% committed to supporting that effort every step of the way.