Meet the New COLR Products

About COLR by uLace

Since our Founding 14 years ago uLace has been drivenby a passion for color.  We always wanted to offer the freshest, most on-trend colors of our laces to the world.This is how we cam to have over 60 colors in our line; notTo even mention things like our chambrays and tie-dyes.

We then thought what if we give our people who truly love and have the same passion for color we have an even greater opportunity to express themselves in color by making other cool accessories in the same colors as ourtop-selling uLace no-tie laces. 

We got to work and here is the first installment of COLRby uLace: a collection of 20 socks and 24 beanies just in time for for fall. And this is just the beginning.  If you loveexpressing yourself with color as much as we love color this is just the start of our vibing out together.

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