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Fit Guide

U-Lace Fit Guide

Customize your no tie shoelaces with our excellent lacing patterns fit guide. Why a fit guide you ask? Because the style you choose correlates directly with the snugness of the fit!

Its functionality meets designer fashion – and you’re in charge.

Using the Fit Guide like a Pro

 Choose how you are going to wear your customized stretchy shoelaces by picking a specialty fit that suits your feet. Like walking on pillows!

  •  The first is the loose toe and loose ankle fit. No tie shoelaces need to be threaded with the pressure focused in the middle of your foot, for this kind of fit. The trendy crisscrossed star shapes and triangle threaded shapes work best.
  •  For your traditional loose fit – the classic direct thread is always a hit.
  •  For a neutral fit, try the funky x shaped style on your no tie shoelaces.
  •  For something a bit more snug, you can do some basic elastic lace crossing for the ‘twisted x’ or the popular ‘connected triangle’ shapes.
  •  For something even more snug, but not tight just yet – spreading your x’s a little wider with a crossbar thread is great, or focus the pressure in the middle of your foot with diagonal laces for a fresh look.
  •  For just plain tight, spread your x’s a little wider and thread them through each other, or try the chaotic but chic different sized x’s used in this kind of fit.
  •  If you live for super tight sneakers, you’ll need those vertical loops on your no tie shoelaces. Thread your triangle shapes wide and weave them between the corresponding triangles on the other side of the shoe.

 The U-Lace elastic lacing systems can be completely customized to suit your fit and your style. If you’re not too bothered about pressure, wear a different pattern every day!

For best results, get different color stretchy shoelaces and experiment with color fades and patterns. Try to learn these on the fly, so that if you find your shoes a bit tight you can switch to a looser pattern. There are loads more patterns to test-out on your no tie sneaker laces, so try them all!



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