Get Ready For uLace ProFormance

In Mid-Februrary 2024 uLace will launch uLace ProFormance which will be the simplest yet most reliable no-tie laces for performance footwear ever. Get ready.


Serious Engineering and Minimalistic Design

Years ago we developed a product for performance footwear but while many loved it, it simply did not meet the brand standards we are determined to meet for our consumers.

To get to the uLace ProFormance we’re excited to soon launch we measured thousands of pairs of performance footwear across an array of brands to learn exactly how they are made and how we could develop the optimal product.

In the end, it came down to thousands of measurements, and some complicated regression math to hone in on the perfect design for uLace ProFormance.

We did the hard work so you can have the simplest, yet most effective performance no-tie lace ever.


Thoughtful Design = Less Fuss & More Stability

If you take a look at most no-tie laces for performance footwear you’ll find either – complicated connectors, the need to cut and tie material or lots of extra material draping over your footwear and odd-looking locking devices.

What you’ll also find are solutions that do not come back across the top eyelets of the ankle which is needed to properly secure your foot into your shoe.

uLace ProFormance addressed all of this with both a sized product that works straight from the package and a single patented connector that secures the ends of the laces together while properly securing the foot into the shoe.


Continuity and Reliability Matter In Sports.

In sports continuity is a key component to success.

If your 5-mile run keeps turning into five 1-mile runs because you’re constantly stopping to re-tie your laces, the continuity of your workout is broken.

If your kid is constantly running over to the sidelines of their soccer game to get their laces re-tied, continuity is broken and they’re not in the game scoring goals.

uLace ProFormace is designed to be super simple to install & use, providing the stability and snugness that will keep you running, playing and competing without worry. That’s the continuity that you need and that you can count on.


Team Discounts Will Be Available

When uLace ProFormance launches in Jan 2024, pricing will be set up with meaningful discounts for those wishing to outfit an entire team in the product.

Our Story

I’m Tim Talley. I’ve always been a problem solver, and I’m a guy who loves culture and fashion, too.

The idea for a new way to lace sneakers came in 2008 while searching the world for new trends — I found inspiration in the colorful fashions of Harajuku, Japan. That was the beginning of the entire modular shoelace category.

Today, uLace is sold all around the world. I love knowing that it’s making life better for people of all ages. We hear from people every day that uLace makes their life more convenient, more colorful, more functional, and even a little bit more fun.