9- Why only enough laces for just one sneaker in each pack?
    Most uLaces come in Mix-&-Match packs that make it much more affordable for consumers to either mix or match lace colors in their sneakers without having lots of unused laces left over.The cost of 2 packs is equal to what a pack with a pair of sneakers worth of laces would cost.
    10- Can I use these laces on sneakers that have loops vs eyelets?
    uLace Classic is a modular lace that has attachments which fit thru, and ‘lock’ behind each eyelet on a sneaker. As such, the product requires eyelets to work. The product will not work on sneakers that have loops or a combination of loops and eyelets.
    11- What does wide eyelet-span mean?
    Eyelet-span is the distance from the center of one eyelet on a sneaker to the center of the adjacent eyelet on the opposite side of the sneaker, i.e. the span from eyelet to adjacent eyelet across the top of the foot. This measurement is key to buying the right size of uLace modular no-tie laces for your foot/sneaker.
    12- How do I figure out which size/the right size to buy?
    For uLace Classic the optimal eyelet span – with your foot in your sneaker – should be between X’ and Y”. Of course, the best way to ensure you’re getting the right size is to utilize our Size finder.
    13- Are uLaces adjustable?
    uLaces are not individually adjustable as all laces in a pack are the same length. This sizing generally works for 97% of classic styled streetwear sneakers. To ensure a snug fit, we recommend finding your right size for your foot and sneakers with our size finder.
    14- How long will my uLaces last?
    Most consumers report that their uLaces lasted them 6 months to a year based on the amount of use. It really all depends on how you care for them and whether you protect them when inserting your foot into the sneakers. The aglets are plastic and if bent or twisted too much, they will eventually break.