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U-Lace Lacing Guide & Instructions

U-Lace Lacing Guide

Sneaker customizing laces are all about style, fit and expression. There are dozens of ways you can thread your U-Lace no tie laces with our detailed lacing guide.

Define your look with one of these easy-to-execute lace patterns.

Using the Lacing Guide like a Pro

You’ve got your U-Lace’s and they’re looking great, now you just to thread them! But how? This guide to sneaker customizing laces - helps you convert your shoes with designer style.

 Step 1: Grab your shoes

Grab a shoe with eyelets. A three piece sneaker construction works best.

 Step 2: Threading

Thread the closed end of the aglet through your first eyelet. U-Lace aglets have two ends, one is closed the other has a fingernail tip for locking.

 Step 3: Pulling

From the inside of your shoe, pull the aglet through the eyelet until it pops out on the inside.

Step 4: Aligning

For the purposes of this lacing guide, align your aglet so that the open end (fingernail) points towards your toe.

Step 4: Tightening

Pull your U-Lace tight from the outside, which will snap it into place.

Step 5: Stretching

Sneaker customizing laces are stretchy, so stretch yours according to the pattern you’ve chosen, namely the next eyelet.

Step 6: Designing

Insert that aglet into the next eyelet like you did with the first.

 Step 7: Aligning Again

To complete the steps in this lacing guide, make sure your aglets are all aligned, and the fingernail ends are pointing towards your toes.

Step 8: Repeating

Repeat the insertion and alignment process until your design pattern is looking awesome.

 Step 9: Locking

Sneaker customizing laces require locking in place, which means you’ll need to lock each fingernail aglet into each other. Just lock the fingernail part over the aglet segment below it each time.

Step 10: Wearing

Once your design is done, slip-on your sneaker and give it a spin.

 The U-Lace designer elastic lacing system is for kids, adults, runners, the disabled and anyone that loves easy wear sneakers with a custom look. Go where your imagination takes you.

 A single pair of shoes with a few packs of U-Lace no tie shoelaces, gives you the freedom to wear different styles and colors on your feet, according to your chosen look of the day. These sneaker customizing laces are exactly what you need to express your individual style. Go nuts!

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