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U-Lace No-Tie Laces

U-Lace Classic Mix-n-Match Pack - Icy Blue

$ 3.99

Icy Blue

U-Lace Classic No-Tie Laces Pack - Icy Blue

Color Description: Icy Blue is one of the newest additions to the U-Lace color line-up.  There are more Blue's in the U-Lace line than any other colors and Icy Blue filled a gap between Baby Blue (too light) and Light Blue (too deep).  There were many lace-ups where neither Baby Blue, nor Light Blue fit the bill so we mixed up a fresh shade of Icy Blue and it has immediately become a top seller.    

Pack Includes:

 - 6 Icy Blue U-Lace No-Tie Laces

 - Full-Color Instruction & Lacing Guide

Note: 2 packs are required to lace a pair of sneakers in 1 or 2 colors; More packs for more colors.

U-Lace Classic Mix-n-Match Pack - Icy Blue has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 3 reviews.

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