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Kiddos Mix-n-Match Pack - Bright Blue

$ 3.99

U-Lace Kiddos No Tie Elastic Shoelaces| Bright Blue

A popular sky color that snaps with attitude, these U-Lace Kiddos bright blue laces are ice cool.

Another of our bestselling colors, bright blue no tie elastic shoelaces are a breathtaking mixture of light blue and royal blue. The result is an understated color that is subtly sharp.

  • 6 bright blue no tie elastic lace segments
  • An instruction guide with a full color lacing manual
  • 2+ packs are needed to complete your sneaker pair

Great for contrasting with stark or warm colors, or creating lit fades that go from dark to light, bright blue is a must-have color set for your next pair of sneakers in the wild.

Bright blue is pure and distinct.

Buy yours and add a pop of color to your individual style!

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