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Kiddos Mix-n-Match Pack - Bright Green

$ 3.99

U-Lace Kiddos Stretch Sneaker Laces | Bright Green

A ghostly color that glows bright, these U-Lace Kiddos bright green sneaker laces are unbelievable.

If you love the idea of glowing green laces, these never tone it down. Our stretch sneaker laces in bright green are show stoppers and kids become obsessed with their coolness.

  • 6 bright green stretch sneaker lace segments
  • A full color lacing guide with complete instruction manual
  • 2+ packs for a complete sneaker set

Prepare to buy multiple sets of these, because all of your friends will want some. They look like a cosmic blend of planetary stardust, and they never stop shining bright. 

Bright green is the color of universal fun.

Get your multi-packs of these glowing greens and start a local fashion trend!

These Bright Green shoelaces are also available in U-Lace Classic.


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