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U-Lace No-Tie Laces

U-Lace Kiddos Mix-n-Match Pack - Metallic Silver

$ 3.49


U-Lace Kiddos Stretchy Shoelaces| Metallic Silver

A subdued color for a retro sheen, these U-Lace Kiddos metallic silver laces are stone cold.

Like several thousand unicorn hairs knitted together then dialed down to 3 for a timeless metallic shine that is playful and pleasant to look at, our stretchy silver shoelaces are impressive.

  • 6 metallic silver stretchy shoelace segments
  • A full color instruction manual and lacing guide
  • 2+ packs of segments to lace one set of sneakers

A greyish-white hue that shines new, it’s like wearing a silver cloud on your sneakers. To boost the look of any shy shoes, these metallic wonders make plain or patterned shoes pop.

Metallic silver helps you walk on the moon.

Buy your silver sets to compliment the other colors in our range!

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